Fresh fruit skewers.  Seasonal fruit and berries.  $24 per dozen.

Gourmet popcorn comes in many flavors such as cheddar, kettle, and chocolate drizzle.  $25 for 36-39 cups (it's a lot of popcorn).

Can cupcakes get any better?  Yes! Make them bite-size!  Starting at $15 per dozen.

Our cream puffs are the most enticing treat requested.  $18 per dozen.

Our heavenly tartlets will make you think you've died and gone to heaven.  Salted caramel, lemon with white chocolate ganache, fresh berries and cream, the goodness is endless.  Start at $20 per dozen.

You name a candy you'd like to have in glass jars on your table, and we can probably find it.  Prices vary.

Chocolate-dipped tell us if you want white, milk, or dark chocolate, and we'll handle the rest.  Start at $24 per dozen.

Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies Treats turn every adult to a child at heart.  We have many flavor combos on this sweet bar.  Start at $18 per dozen.

our menu

Chocolate-dipped Oreo's come in many flavors.  Pops start at $21 per dozen while Oreo's by themselves start at $18 per dozen.

Small and snackable, our pretzel twists are a crowd favorite.  Many chocolate and topping combos. Start at $19 for approximately 100 pieces.

The combination of flavors and toppings on our yummy pretzel rods is, seriously, endless.  Start at $15 per dozen.

Our delectable chocolate-dipped cheesecake bites are gently kissed with pecans and graham cracker crumble.  $25 per dozen.

Cupcakes-in-a-jar contain two medium-sized cupcakes, fillings, and toppings per jar.  $54 a dozen.

Chocolate-dipped marshmallows are jumbo size and start at $15 per dozen.

Cupcakes come in many flavors of cakes, frostings, and toppings.  Start at $21 per dozen.

Sweet and crunchy biscotti.  Several Flavors to choose from.  Start at $15 per dozen.

Cake pops and cake bites are a big hit at every event.  From simple stripes and sprinkles to elaborate movie characters, we've got a theme for you.  Start at $18 per dozen.

Parfaits are the perfect portion of decadence.  With so many flavors to choose from--such as chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake, Smores--it's hard to know which ones to order.  Prices start at $30 per dozen.


Dessert and candy buffets are the hottest new trend for weddings and parties.  We can set up a dazzling sweet table guaranteed to delight your guests with a truly unique kid-in-a-candy-store experience!  A sweet buffet at your wedding makes a fun alternative to traditional wedding favors, and they are a HUGE hit at corporate events and parties--especially at Quinceanera's and Sweet Sixteen's!

Beautiful presentation is as much of a focus as the deliciousness of our desserts.  Choose as few or as many different types of candy and desserts as you'd like for your buffet.  There is a one dozen minimum per dessert and one candy type per jar, and if you'd like a dessert that is not mentioned, please ask us about it and we'll see what we can do to add it on for you.  For additional information on dessert and candy buffets, please scroll farther down this page.

Our delicious covered apples come with many toppings such as caramel, nuts, sprinkles, cookie and graham cracker dust, etc and start at $6.50 each.

Mmmmmmm chocolate!  Who doesn't love chocolate?!  Lots of types of chocolates to choose from here.  Prices vary.


Custom dessert and candy buffet pricing starts by deciding how many petite desserts you would like to provide for each of your guests. We recommend four to five per person as a starting point.  For a lighter dessert serving, three per person will suffice, but if you want to treat your guests to a fully indulgent dessert course,  six to eight per person is wonderful. 

You let us know the number of guests, any color scheme or theme you would like us to work with--whether it’s vintage, retro, glamorous, or glitteringly spectacular--and we will design a stunning candy or dessert buffet to coordinate with your event that is sure to be a real talking point with your party guests. We have an extensive list of sweets available and are happy to accommodate any special requests.  We also have lots of inspirational ideas for sensational color schemes and set-ups to wow your guests!

We will deliver and set up two hours prior to the start of your event--as well as return at the end of your event to retrieve our equipment--and we will produce a wonderful display in our beautiful over-sized apothecary jars, bonbon jars, vintage style glassware, table mirrors and cake stands.  We can use your decorations and prepare the table for you, or we can provide the decorations for $55 plus the cost of the decorations.  We provide the service platters, plates, and pedestals as well, and we take enormous care in the design and artistic styling of the table with matching bows and table markers to create a professionally finished party centerpiece that is a real visual feast for the eyes. We also provide all the extras:  scoops, tongs, and candy bags to match the decor.  

Our tables are not staffed (though this can be arranged on request for an additional fee).  We will provide a small sign for the table stating the time when the candy buffet will open (eg. For an evening event, after dinner and speeches.) This is a good idea to prevent snacking and creates an exciting feeling of anticipation--allowing guests time to see the buffet in its full glory!  Once the buffet opens, your guests can help themselves and make their selections from a wonderful variety of sweets.  When the buffet opens, we do require that the glass lids are removed from the jars and placed safely in a box (that will be provided under the table) by either a designated member of the venue staff or a designated member of the party. The glassware could be very easily damaged or broken by many people lifting and replacing or balancing the lids otherwise, and leaving them scattered on the table leads to clutter and possible breakages.

We do not provide the table, table linen, dessert plates, or napkins.  If you cannot provide these items, let me know and I can arrange for rentals for an additional fee.  Any unused sweets will be packaged for you to keep--we never use them for another function.  We will also provide you with an ingredients and allergy list for the sweets, if requested.  Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that supplied sweets have not come into contact with nuts.

A deposit of $50 is required at the time of booking, and the balance payable in full two weeks prior to the event.  Please keep in mind that we must take a deposit for the tableware.  This fee is based on the items you are requesting, and the deposit is immediately refunded once we pick up the items and make sure they are not damaged in any way.  The delivery, set-up, and retrieval fee is $40 within 25 miles and $1 for every mile over the first 25.  
If you have a favorite dessert you would like on your buffet and it is not on my menu, please ask.   Please try to reserve your date as soon as you can; we can be booked up many months in advance, especially in the summer.