Now, what exactly is a faux cake?  Let's use the photo on this page as an example--these cakes look real, smell real, feel real, and it's going to look stunning in your photos, but it's a faux cake!  The entire cake is made of foam except for the very top tier--that's the only real piece of cake in this entire design (or if your cake is tall and you are a bit "snack size" in height, I can place a small real piece in the bottom tier and let you know where to cut).  You are going to get the photos you want of you and your soul mate cutting cake and smashing it into each other's faces (or feeding it gently and lovingly--whichever you prefer), cutting the cake on your own in celebration at your own event, etc.  

After the photos and the first bite are done and the dancing begins, your catering staff takes this cake to the back to "cut it and serve it to guests," but that's where the 'ol switch-a-roo happens!  This cake remains as it is off to the side, and the much cheaper sheet cakes are waiting in the back, and THAT'S what your guests will enjoy!  Nobody knows that your cake was faux except for the happy couple (well, and me, of course because I made it for you!).  Plus the remainder of the top tier is taken home and frozen by you so you can celebrate with it on your first anniversary (or at a later time depending on what your celebration was for).  As for what happens to the faux cake once it gets into the back area, we secretly sneak it out the back door before anyone knows what happened.

Faux cakes or rental cakes are less than half the cost of the full price cake, we provide the sheet cakes for an additional fee, and you got the cake of your dreams at half the price!  See, you CAN have your cake and eat (part of it) too!

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What is a faux  or a rental cake?  I'm glad you asked.  Let's all agree from the get-go that weddings are over-the-top expensive, and as soon as a service provider hears the words "We're getting married," mysteriously that $150 item you really want just went to $400!  Luckily, that doesn't ring true with Cindy's Sweet Creations.  We understand how hard your pocketbook gets hit during this big moment in your life, and we are here to offer our fabulous faux cakes.