Dark Chocolate Ganache (plus $10)

Milk Chocolate Ganache (plus $10)

​White Chocolate Ganache (plus $10)

White Champagne (plus $15)

filling FLAVORS

*Fruit fillings are available only when in season


Bavarian Cream 



​Chocolate Buttercream

​​​Chocolate Fudge (plus $10)

"Good cake isn't cheap, and cheap cake isn't good."

French Vanilla


​Marble (plus $10)


All cakes are priced by the serving, and buttercream or fondant-covered cakes (porcelain-smooth finish) start at $2.15 per serving for one or two tiers, and then you add $.50 per serving per tier at three tiers or higher (so, for example, a four-tier cake will be $3.15 per serving, a six-tier cake would be $4.15 per serving, etc).  These prices are for plain cakes without design--prices will slightly increase based on the difficulty or design of your cake due to the time and skill involved, and this price increase also goes for sculptured and 3D cakes.  Price increases for intricacy begin at $.25 per serving.

Please note that Cindy's Sweet Creations always ices fondant-covered cakes with a thick layer of buttercream or ganache before applying a thin layer of fondant on top.  Your guests may peel off the fondant if they do not prefer the marshmallow-like taste, but we are told often that our fondant is surprisingly yummy.

Faux cakes (dummy cakes) are half price of what real cakes are, and they are decorated the same way.  You can choose this option as a way to save money or to make your cake look larger--$125.00 minimum.  Click here for more information.

Smash cakes are available for $35 in addition to orders over $125.00, and don't forget we have cupcake towers and cake pops/bites available which compliment any event.  Cupcake towers may be rented for a refundable fee of $35.00, and the cupcake tower can hold four dozen cupcakes comfortably (five dozen if you tighten the space up), and a 6" cake fits perfectly on top.  Cupcakes start at $1.75 each and are available one flavor per dozen.

​*Add 15% for all cakes not round or square in shape.

Many of our cakes contain special decorations such as flowers (sugar or fresh), pearls, ribbon, rhinestones, sculpted figurines, stands, stairs, pillars, plates, and such, and these items are an additional charge based on the cake design (stands/bases, stairs, pillars, and plates have refundable deposits).  

  • Determine the number of servings for your occasion
  • Estimate how much you want to spend on your cake
  • Look through photos in magazines and websites to find a design you like, or allow one of our consultants to listen to your thoughts and help create a special one-of-a-kind design for your event
  • Decide on the cake shape and size that catches your eye--keep in mind wedding tradition has you freeze the top tier of your cake that you will thaw for your first anniversary
  • Choose your cake flavors, filling, and icings
  • Talk with your consultant well ahead of time and ask what their procedures are regarding lead times to order your cake, available cake toppers, bases, deposits, and delivery fees​

A $50.00 deposit must be made for cakes three tiers or higher, and a $25.00 deposit must be made for cakes at one tier or two tiers.  Deposits are applied to the cake order, and the balance of all orders are due one week prior to date needed.  If you would like to make small payments at a time to help chip away at your balance, not a problem at all.  We're here to take relieve as much stress as possible from you.  

Cake tastings are available and include a dozen cupcakes in three cake flavors and three filling or frosting flavors for $25.00 (additional fees for certain flavors, and when you are picking your filling/frosting flavors, you can pick three total.  So that means you can pick two fillings and one frosting, two frostings and one filling, three fillings, etc for a total of three).  This allows a cupcake to be tasted by the bride, groom, bridal party, family and friends, and by doing cupcakes, we can hand them to you on-the-go (additional servings and cupcakes are available for an additional fee). Your $25 is placed against your cake order if you book an order with us over $250.00, and if you would prefer a sit-down consultation, not a problem; we can do that too!  For more information, click here.

Cindy's Sweet Creations is not a Retail Bakery.  We are custom order, by appointment only business, and we do not do vegan or gluten-free products.  Give us a call today at 877.760.5600.



Chocolate Fudge



Marshmallow Fondant

Chocolate Buttercream

Vanilla Buttercream


Rasberry (has seeds)
Raspberry Mousse (plus $10)
Spicy-Cubed Apple
Strawberry with Fruit (plus $10)

Vanilla Buttercream






Milk Chocolate

Pink Champagne (plus $10)

​Red Velvet


Chocolate Mousse (plus $10)

Cream Cheese

German Chocolate

Key Lime


​Peanut Butter Mousse (plus $10)