Anybody who has ever been a part of a bridal party, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen, or any other large event understands how difficult it is to get schedules coordinated in our busy lifestyles--and that's exactly why we prepare our Tasters to go!  

​We prepare a dozen non-frosted cupcakes in three cake flavors of your choice, and then we prepare a dozen taster cups of three fillings of your choice--this way you are not locked into one flavor combo--you can mix and match flavors any way you'd like!  We wrap these up along with a dozen utensils, and you take this beautifully-packaged Taster Collection to your home or wherever you would like to meet up with your family and friends, bridal party, in-laws, etc., and you have your tasting party in the comfort of your own home without any pressure of us sitting there in front of you.  

Our Taster Collections are $25 (and may go up based on the flavors of cake and fillings you choose), and if you book your cake with us and it is over $250.00, the taster amount will be credited to your order.  Who thought having a tasting session could be so painless?

To schedule your Taster Collection today, give us a call at 877.760.5600.